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Pro City Kenner, 8.16.16

June 21, 2016 - A look back at Nike Pro City Kenner League action from 8.16.16 follows. For more expanded blurbs on Georgetown student athletes, see Premium Court.

Trey Mourning – Higher Level, 6’8”, 220 pound junior forward, Georgetown – Scored a Pro City Kenner low four points, though battled inside…(Premium Court).

Reggie Cameron – Higher Level, 6’2”, 215 pound senior forward, Georgetown – Was active offensively, scoring 13 points…(Premium Court).

Malcolm Lemmons – Premier Athletics, 6’5”, 210 pound forward, international pro - Having played in Tokyo last year, Lemmons brought his tough ethos to Kenner, including strong, bruising drives to the hoop.

Still turns down jumpers at times.

Otis Livingston, Jr. – Higher Level, 5’11”, 180 pound sophomore point guard, George Mason – A good driver, Livingston was on the controls. Ran the show. Scored 14 points.

Should become more of a knock down shooter.

Tyc Snow – Premier Athletics, 5’7”, 150 pound point guard, international pro – Fast and crafty, Snow, a former SWAC standout scored nine points.

Played in Canada last season. May return there, or end the NBA’s D-League.

Hoya teammates L.J. Peak (3) and Rod Pryor (10) went at each other.

Aquille Carr – Premier Athletics, 5’7”, 145 pound point guard – On the way back to the basketball world’s consciousness, Carr - dubbed ‘Crime Stopper’ by police in his native Baltimore due to the supposed drop in illegal activity when he played there - scored seven points and logged several assists.

Clearly must continue to train and get stronger. Indicated he understood that.

Carr also noted last year spent time professionally in Canada at St. John’s last year. Presently is training with Marcus Chester in hopes of making his way to the NBA. How?

“I’m looking to get back with Houston” he said, referring to a tryout set up with that franchises D-League team.

Tre Campbell – A Wash, 6’3”, 175 pound junior guard, Georgetown – Drove and finished at a high level. Scored 23 points, 19 in the second half…(Premium Court).

Kaleb Johnson – A Wash, 6’7”, 205 pound sophomore swingman, Georgetown – Scored 15 points, mostly at the rim..(Premium Court).

Aaron Smith – A Wash, 6’3”, 210 pound freshman guard, Rutgers – A solid all around performer, Smith defended, rebounded and scored five points.

For the BIG TEN, has to become more explosive.

Bruce Massey – Beyond Belief, 6’2”, 195 pound guard, D-League pro – After spending last year, his second, with the D-League’s Grand Rapid Charge, Massey is clearly a professional; he drives, shoots, competes, defends. Scored 19 points.

A graduate of Seneca Valley in MOCO who played collegiately at Middle Tennessee State, Massey may return to the D-League, or go overseas this upcoming season.

Gus Gilchrist – Hoop Magic, 6’9”, 240 pound forward, international pro- Scored 19 points, by beasting in the paint, including finishing and rebounding. Was a force.

Played for the Mahindra Enforcers in Philippines last season. Is evaluating upcoming options.

Greg Malinowski – Hoop Magic, 6’5”, 210 pound junior swingman, William and Mary – Scored 14 points in his best Pro City Kenner outing, as Malinowski drove, shot and rebounded. The Tribe of W & M will benefit from his work this season.

Next step for Greg? Incorporate more ‘wiggle’ in his drives, as now he’s a straight line guy.

Kameron Taylor – Clydes, 6’7”, 195 pound swingman, international pro – Continued his strong Pro City Kenner showing with 23 points. Has distinguished himself with drives, battling, defense and finishing.

An international franchise has taken noticed; Ehingen of Germany’s A League has signed him!

Isaac Copeland – Hoop Magic, 6’9”, 210 pound junior forward, Georgetown – Scored 22 points in a typical display for him…(Premium Court).

Rodney Pryor – Tombs, 6’5”, 210 pound graduate forward, Georgetown – Played with his consistent energy and effort, while also leading. Had a good battle with teammate L.J. Peak. Scored 22 points… (Premium Court).

Marcus Derrickson – Tombs, 6’7”, 240 pound sophomore forward, Georgetown – Shot a dagger against Clydes, which was part of his 16 point performance…(Premium Court).

Jessie Govan – Clydes, 6’10”, 260 pound sophomore center, Georgetown – Was active throughout, while scoring 23 points. Hit jumpers and defended the rim…(Premium Court).

L.J. Peak – Clydes, 6’5”, 215 pound junior guard, Georgetown – drove well and finished with both hands, while competing well against teammate Pryor and anyone else in front of him. Scored 23 points…(Premium Court).