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Ewing at Media Day, Pt. 2

More from Patrick Ewing's initial media day presser follows. It's a continuation of our previously published Part One.

Part Two includes discussion of:

The growth of freshman Antwan Walker and Jamarko Pickett, work and importance of junior Marcus Derrickson, dropping out of the PK 80 Tournament, scheduling philosophy, Halloween participation and candy, college vs. pro x’s and o’s, analytic usage, skill development between pros/college, his preferred player type, desire to prove NBA execs wrong for not hiring him as head coach and his definition of success at Georgetown.

What about getting players better, a job of both college and pro coaches? Is it a more hands on endeavor on the collegiate level?

"I just left the nba, and from me leaving this summer, a lot more guys now are using more personal trainers. So it’s changed" he said. "When I was there some guys had their own coaches, and still the assistant coaches were in charge of working the guys out. And some places have workout coaches.

"But here in college, your assistants are the ones in charge of working guys out. Here at Georgetown…we have a section in practice where we work the guys out, go through drills, work on the various skill sets."

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