Visitors are Visiting, Pt. 5

McDonough Arena, the administrative/ceremonial home of Georgetown men's basketball, has seen a large number of visitors this month. It's to be expected, since the months before high school basketball's season, secondary level student athletes and their families actually have the time to visit colleges, unofficially (self-financed) and officially (for seniors and on the school's dime).
Class of 2014 swingman Dion Wiley is a guy that's been logging travel miles recently. Capable of tickling the twine from long distance at a very high level, Wiley, at 6'3" and almost 200 pounds, is one of the top shooter/scorers in the talent fertile District-Maryland-Virginia area. Additionally, he seemingly always makes the right basketball play, including driving and passing. Dion does this with a sense of smoothness and understated style that is makes the game look natural to him.
Well, Wiley, who attends Potomac (MD) in suburban DC and plays on the circuit with Team Takeover, took a quick visit to Georgetown earlier this month. A few days later he followed that up with a trip to a nearby school, where a football game was viewed.
To find out when Wiley, rated a four star shooting guard by toured Georgetown, and what the other school's name is, see our Premium Court message board. Also there is a rumor regarding the other tour, one that seemingly was toothless, and a discussion of Wiley's recruitment in general.