Pro City Updates: 7.14.13

June 15, 2013 - Following are rundowns of three Nike Pro City games from Sunday, June 14, 2013. The players mentioned are not Georgetown guys. For brief evaluations of Hoyas, see our Premium Court message board.
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DCX 63 Symonds All-Stars 62
DCX fought back from at least 14 points down to prevail 63-62, taking a lead with just under nine minutes to go. Good game.
Zaid Hearst - Quinnipiac sophomore guard/forward is demonstrating his perimeter work; he's shooting and ball patting with more confidence. Makes the right play.
Would like to see him get even more offensively aggressive. Can rebound the ball and defend. Finished with 12 points. Stands 6'3" and 215 pounds.
Symonds All-Stars:
Eugene McCrory - Central Florida pivot player did what he did at College of Central Florida, travel team and high school action; he got buckets around the tin. This lefty loves to back you down, go over that right shoulder for two.
At 6'6" and like 260 pounds, is a load. Will also run the floor for finishes.
Want to see more face up midrange from him, which will make him more dangerous. Dropped 21 points.
Won a NJCAA national championship at CCA.
Tim Higgins - Spurning a commitment to Cornell, Higgins will take his game to MIT this upcoming season. Is long and mobile. Will bang down low to the degree capable; is 6'8" and weights around 200 pounds.
MIT has a keeper.
Tombs 76 Premier Athletics 60
Tombs took control early and never really looked back.
Wes Dunning - Recent Hampton graduate was active and finished around the cup.
Dunning is the type of guy that can impact the game in a myriad of ways. Needs to continue doing that.
Had 10 points.
Ian Hummer - Fresh from the Los Angeles Lakers' pre-summer league camp - he was a late release - Hummer's confidence is through the roof. To be fair, he's believed in himself through a stellar career at Princeton and Gonzaga HS (DC).
Though he only scored seven points, and was irked as a result, Hummer displayed the work he's put in, driving, shooting and being more of a guard than forward. The Lakers had him running some point, driving Hummer to say "I know what I need to work on", including finding teammates in pick and roll and separation moves.
Has the size at 6'6" and over 226 pounds to bang and rebound, which he does. Will also defend. Is tough.
Premier Athletics:
Chris Howard - Not in game shape, Howard still knows how to play the game. Was out of basketball last year.
Rumors abound this former South Florida standout will return to that school this season in a coaching capacity.
Curtis Massey - A graduate of Bowie State in 2009, Massey has seen work in minor league hoops leagues such as the ABA and APBL. Loves to slice to the cup, where he finished. Stands around 6'6" and weighs 180 pounds.
Needs to show more perimeter shot confidence.
Clydes vs Skills and Scrimmages
Due to administrative oversight, the score was not secured. On to the evals!
David Tairu - Former Texas Tech standout and Kavala (Greece) performer shared he's headed for a second division Italian team next season. Brings energy, shooting and driving to the table.
Needs to find people more consistently going forward. Finished with 13 points.
Jonathan McNair - Had eight points for Clydes. Played good defense. Needs to be more of a stable point guard.
Skills and Scrimmages:
Kelvin Bright - Past Youngstown State baller with international experience in Germany, Bright gets buckets using his athletic ability and savvy. Had 15 points.
Charles Mitchell - Maryland Terp at 6'8" and 260 pounds, Mitchell is a physical presence. Can also run the floor and finish. Has good back to the basket footwork and quickness.
Needs to demonstrate a solid mid-range game, as now most things are at/around the rim; Sometimes has trouble finishing over size and shooting will help offset that.
Plays hard and will talk to you. Finished with 10 points.