Pro City Update: Champ is crowned

August 13, 2013 - August 13, 2013 - Going into Sunday's Nike DC Pro City championship game at Georgetown's McDonough Arena, many thought A Wash would garner the 'chip, given their roster full of recognized names. Add appearances by guys professionals big man Arinze Onuaku and point guard Brian Chase, and that assumption certainly had traction.
As the saying goes, 'That's why the play the game' - A Wash's foes, Premier Athletics didn't buy into common thought, winning the well played game fairly handily.
Premier Athletics 97 A Wash 90
A nip and tuck game previously, Premier Athletics was able to knot the ball game at 65 around halfway through the second half. Two three pointers from Corey Allmond and a similar shot by Deontay Twyman created a 77-72, insurmountable lead for Premier.
Teammate Sean Beins - a front court player who previously had rebounded, defended and scored in the paint - later hit a surprise three ball. After several minutes and the clock reading 1:35 Twymon's 17 footer would give Premier an 86-80 lead, causing A Wash to intentionally foul until game's end.
The victor' hot shooting was necessary, given A Wash's talented scorers Florian Campbell and Jamaal Wise, contributors of 22 and 18 points, respectively.
Leading their attack was Chase (eight points), a floor general who truly embraces that role, directing teammates in execution, including big men such as Onuaku and Gus Gilchrist, whom he exhorted to "Roll" to the basket in pick and roll sets.
Aiding A Wash's effort was Georgetown junior Aaron Bowen. In the process of dropping 13 points, Bowen dunked and shot, including scoring from long distance.
Andrew Washington notched 23 points, some achieved via trademark strong drives to the cup for Premier. Allmond finished with a game high 27 points, while Beins' 16 proved to be key in the game's outcome.
Twymon scored 15 points, while Danny Agbelese chipped in nine important points himself.
Afterward, once the teams shook hands on a game well done - a true sentiment - one of Premier's coaches was overheard saying "It's like the wind has been taken out the building". His crew's victory more or less did that; they fought, as a team, against popular sentiment and won a 'chip.
All hail Premier Athletics, the 2013 Nike DC Pro City champion.
Player Updates:
Christian 'Boo' Jackson, 6'5", 230 pound G/F, - Recently graduated from Frostburg State, Jackson's basketball odyssey, including starting at Manhattan and including junior college and Bowie State University, still continues.
After this Pro City game Jackson indicated a scoring average of "25 points" while at Division III Frostburg last season. Never producing less than 20 points a game in 2012-2013, for the record Jackson was good for 25.8 points and seven rebounds each time out, on 47.4% shooting.
Seeing him play, you it's obvious; Boo Jackson has always been a powerful isolation scorer, one who drives and attacks. Defensively he can bump drivers, making it hard to penetrate on him.
Jackson indicated pro ball in Brazil is his next hoops stop. It will help his game there if Boo mixed more passing in his offensive offering, since doing so will open up his scoring game - giving defenders something else to worry about, and helping his team simultaneously.
Brian Chase - 5'9", 160 pound PG, A Wash - A veteran of European and American pro leagues, Chase is a floor general in every since of the word; he passes, directs, leads and makes teammates better. He's a pro.
Having played for Cremona in Italy's Serie A last season, he's headed back to that country for '13-'14. Previously he's balled in Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, Russia and Italy.
Capable of scoring, in this game his jumper was slightly off - normally he routinely cans open shots from depth. Chase is a strong player, physically and mentally.
Better, more consistent on-ball defense will take his game to another level.
See Premium Court for more on Bowen's play during this game, and talk regarding him going forward.