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Pro City Catchup Day 5, Pt. 2

July 18, 2011 - Here's Part 2, an article where Part 1, documenting Day Five of Nike Pro City play, left off. Of course the Hoyas are well represented.
Monroe is making moves - In town taking two classes (first revealed anywhere via Premium Court message board post), former Georgetown All-American Greg Monroe strapped on the sneaks this weekend. Playing for Clydes with current Hoyas Aaron Bowen and junior forward Nate Lubick on Saturday, Monroe tallied a pedestrian 11 points.
There's a reason for it. After lifting weights in his native New Orleans after the NBA season ended, Monroe has done the same on The Hilltop. In this game, it was apparent he wasn't intent on putting up big offensive numbers, that he was a facilitator.
"Yeah, I was just out there trying to be a helper" he shared afterward. Add coach to his duties, as the cerebral Monroe noted "I didn't just try to focus on those two, but mostly talking to Aaron and Nate; you know, just giving some pointers, trying to get them going so they can be better".
Lubick, while was the recipient of several nice passes from Monroe, while Greg and others fed an open and aggressive Bowen repeatedly.
Sutton came out swinging - Fresh in town from Villanova, junior center Maurice Sutton had the play of the day: With a possible rebound coming off the rim, Sutton came swooping in, grabbed the rock with one hand in mid-air, and punished the rim with it. The play was shocking in its spontaneity and force. It was clearly the dunk/play of the day.
Adding to its impact was the fact Monroe, while not defending the play or blocking Sutton out per se, was in the vicinity.
Maurice was active throughout the game, defending, rebounding, blocking shots, notching stick backs and even sinking a three ball. He finished with 15 points.
Did playing against a NBA guy fuel Sutton, who has been known for this athletic ability, length and inconsistent play?
"Whoever is in front of me" responded Maurice "I'm trying to kill them".
Sutton is clearly in shape, an observation confirmed by the fact he has recently training hard on Villanova's campus. Of interest to Wildcat fans is Maurice's proclamation that given the team's relative youth, the big men, including Moph Yarou can expect more offensive touches this season. Of Yarou, Sutton shared the Benin, West Africa product is in tremendous shape.
Cooley coming at you - Former Niagara swingman Austin Cooley illustrated why those in the DMV (District-Maryland-Virginia area) know his game - he slashed, and finished with the best.
Austin also defended well, but wasn't as proficient with his jumpshooting, a standing knock on his game.
Though he has another year of eligibility, Cooley will not return to Niagara this year. Presently, his final destination is not known. There is little wonder whether Cooley, who finished with 16 points for 6th Man Sports, has the physical wherewithal to impact a program favorably.
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