Pro City Catchup, Day 12

August 2, 2011 - Sunday was the last regular season day of D.C. Nike Pro City play. Playoff participation and seating were on the line. Fans flocked to Georgetown's McDonough Arena. Coverage follows:
Puppies pounced and earned - Seeking to establish bragging rights, The Tombs (a squad populated primarily of Georgetown freshman or 'Puppies') came into Sunday's rematch hyped. Fueling their anticipation was surely the squad faced - a revamped Clyde's lineup, one devoid of current G'Town sophomore forward Nate Lubick, out due to injury (see Premium Court for more) but boasting a Blue and Grey lineup to envy: redshirt freshman swingman Aaron Bowen, National Basketball Association players Greg Monroe and Jeff Green, European pro Jon Wallace and past performers Nat Burton and Tyler Crawford.
Of course the older guys wanted to set a tone, one defined by physical play. Their effort was to no avail, as Tombs trounced them 72-46 on the day's third and most heavily attended game. Wallace was fairly succinct in describing what occurred.
"They jelled together, better than we did for sure" commented Wallace afterward, who then acknowledged his teammates came out and attempted to attack the Puppies in a physical manner. "They moved the ball well, competed on the glass…made plays".
The Blue and Grey freshmen stats: Forward Mikael Hopkins finished with a game high 19 points for Tombs, in this writer's estimation his second best Pro city outing; he's trending upward, mixing outside shooting with attacking offense and physical play. Swingman Greg Whittington scored 17 points, scored mostly from the outside or in fast break situations.
Jabril Trawick, a guard, was his irrepressible self, competing, driving and shooting his way to 16 points. Forward Otto Porter dropped 8 points, while also rebounding and passing.
If there was a down side to the game, it was fellow frosh, center Tyler Adams going down early with an assumed high ankle span; he was clutching that area, was helped off the floor and later was seen on crutches and a protective boot while traveling around McDonough. Nevertheless, Tyler was smiling afterward.
Green finished with 17 points (14 from the free throw line) and Monroe had 13 for Clyde's. While it's true that their group had not played competitively with each other, and as such were not in synch, that seemingly did nothing to assuage their anger; jaws were tight afterward.
Puppy bragging rights, at least for the near term, were earned.
Seeding set - An email forwarded by the league office Sunday night conveyed this year's Pro City playoff standings. Matchups and times will be provided soon.
Hyper Dunk Division
1) Beyond Belief
2) The Tombs
3) Team Symonds
4) Boss Auto
Hyper Air Division
1) Team Takeover
2) DCX
3) Team Turner
4) Clyde's
Be sure to check Premium Court for more on the Puppies and Lubick, as well as recent Blue and Grey graduate Chris Wright's performance and possible professional opportunities.