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Pre-Rutgers, the players

January 20, 2011 - Thursday, the Georgetown men's basketball team held a media day, allowing selected members of the media community an opportunity interview players and the head coach, John Thompson III. The sessions were both interesting and informative. All of this was in the lead up to G'Town's game with Rutgers, tomorrow at noon. ESPN and SportsTalk 570 are the broadcast outlets.
For Thompson's interview, click here. Players Jason Clark, Hollis Thompson and Otto Porter also were interviewed. Find a session with Thompson the player below, while Porter's - most of which was exclusive - and Clark's are on the Premium Court message board.
Clark discussed his shooting slump, the team's progress, Porter's contributions and transition, Whittington's shooting, impact and development, plus DePaul's 1-2-2's effectiveness and the likelihood of seeing it going forward.
Porter talks about DePaul's 1-2-2 challenges, his seeing over the press, preparation for presses, challenges Rutgers poses, offensive match up exploitation, the Princeton Offense, Cleveland Melvin's athleticism, the game plan against Brandon Young, and an acclimation to college basketball self-grade.
Thompson the player touches upon the squad's offensive improvement, free throw shooting personally and team-wise, in addition to rebounding.
Hollis Thompson, Pre-Rutgers