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Players from Media Day

Last week Georgetown held it's annual Media Day, the first time new head coach Patrick Ewing presided over such an occasion. For his presser (in three parts), click here.

What about the Blue and Grey's players?

Jessie Govan, Marcus Derrickson and Kaleb Johnson - all juniors - along with sophomore Jagan Mosely and senior Jonathan Mulmore all took turns answering questions from attending media.

The following topics were discussed: Getting adjusted (Govan), reaction to Ewing being named coach (Mosely), lead guard competition (Mulmore), looking at G’Town while Ewing played (Derrickson, Govan), providing leadership (Johnson), motivation of preseason projections (Mosely, Govan), change in offensive style of play (Mulmore), freshman class expectations (Mulmore), pressure/motivation being coached by Ewing (Govan), Ewing’s expectations of guards (Mosely, Mulmore), understanding of G’Town’s past (Mosely, Mulmore), impact of John Thompson, Jr. being around (Mosely), Derrickson’s work, plus attention paid to program and vibe around campus (Johnson), Govan’s needed increased scoring.

Each player provided interesting insight.

For instance on the point of G'Town's neophyte players - Jamarko Pickett, Antwan Walker and Chris Sodom - Mulmore noted "My teammates, they are really good freshman. We’re looking forward to them coming in and not playing like freshmen, we’re looking forward to them taking big roles this year".

Mosely concurred, saying "We told them when it’s time, we need them not be freshman; come in mature, come in ready to play".

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