Noel Rumors

March 6, 2012 - With a decision on his college home looming for April 11th,'s third ranked player in the Class of 2012, Nerlens Noel is in a position both desirable and not so; the 6'10", 210lb center from Boston will choose from Georgetown, Syracuse and Kentucky - all great choices - yet must deal with the pressure that accompanies such a high profile recruitment. Attention cuts both ways.
Accordingly there is mass speculation around Noel's recruitment. The fact he apparently values some modicum of privacy, and is not easily accessible to media, not only fuels the guessing, but is understandable.
With that as a backdrop, secondary sources of information proliferate. One such contact has informed that G'Town's chances are possibly better than widely anticipated. There also might be a school that could be dropping to third.
For this speculation - that's really what it can only be called - see Premium Court. Be sure to join in the discussion also!