HoyaReport - Network Share: UConn in CT '22
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Network Share: UConn in CT '22

Danny Hurley has taken UConn to an enviable place.
Danny Hurley has taken UConn to an enviable place. (NJ.com)

It's indisputable Rivals.com has the best lineup of site publishers, professionals who are expert in their respective niches. The power of the network is a public benefit

To that end, tapping the shoulder of Aman Kidwai, Publisher of StorrsCentral.com. A long time scribe reporting on University of Connecticut sports, Kidwai is a resource for all things Husky sports!

Below are questions posed him and excerpted responses provided, relative to UCOnn, Georgetown's foe tonight. The entire offering is available on Premium Court! Membership has it's benefits!

Enjoy and be sure to return for more coverage!

1) Is Uconn still a squad predicated on defense? What do they run schematically in that regard?

Yes the squad is definitely still predicated on defense. Adama Sanogo and Isaiah Whaley...

2) Talk about the emergence of Sanogo.

He's a force now. He is absolutely a force on both sides of the ball. Sanogo's a solid passer...

3) Is Cole, besides being the trigger man a team leader?

Yes he's very much the heart and soul of the team. UConn needs him...

4) Who is this hyper athletic guy Jackson? What's his story?

Jackson is a sophomore who grew up on a military base in Europe before his family moved to New York, where he finished his high school career. He missed a lot of time...

5) Offensively how does Uconn skin the cat?

I will defer to an editor on my team Dan Madigan for this answer:Sanogo is the main option early...

6) How has Hurley grown as a coach and what else can he improve on?

The team's moving in the right direction so I'm not inclined to question too much overall. Some have criticized his lineup strategy,...