NBAPA Top 100 Hoya guys - Wednesday

This year's NBAPA Top 100 Camp is being attended by a number of Georgetown recruiting prospects. As first reported on our Premium Court message board, it's a list that of course includes 2015 oral commit Noah Dickerson, but also the likes of P.J. Dozier, Tyler Dorsey, Thon Maker and others. For a more inclusive list, one published first on Premium Court, click here.
Maker, Dickerson, Dorsey, Joe Hampton and DeWayne Bacon, Jr. are briefly treated on Premium Court; specifically, short 'crib' notes documenting their performance are provided. It's qualitative analysis that's supplied, not just simply stats. HoyaReport.com provides value for our subscribers' dollar, unlike other outlets.
But, if you want stats, here are a few over the course of today's two games:

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Dickerson - Eight points, 3.5 rebounds per game
Dorsey - 14.5 points, 1.5 rebounds
Bacon - 15 points, 2 rebounds
Maker - eight points, 3.5 rebounds
Dozier - nine points, 2.5 rebounds
Check back later today for more on possible Hoyas at the Top 100 Camp.