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Its BMore Elite vs Houston Defenders tonight

The following was reprinted, with permission, from i95Ballerz.com. For some of the players likely to play in the preliminary game, one of which has been offered by the Hoyas, see Premium Court.
Charm City braces for invasion of Defenders
July 16, 2012 - It's July, and grassroots basketball events proliferate. Most that get publicity are sanctioned by the NCAA, meaning Division I college coaches can come watch the proceedings.
Sometimes, non-sanctioned events are well worth noting. One such event, dubbed the 'Showdown in Baltimore' by this writer, is definitely in that category.
It will pit Nike Baltimore Elite versus the Houston Defenders, in headliner play.
Elite boasts Jamel Artis, Daquein 'Day-Day' McNeil, Kameron Williams and Daxter Miles - all savvy, tough Charm City players headed to Division I schools in 2013 - amongst others.
When you think of the Defenders, the Harrison twins - Aaron and Andrew - jump out at you. Both are highly regarded nationally, with Andrew widely thought of as the best point guard in the Class of 2013.
Event info follows:
Date - Today, July 16th
Site - Baltimore City Community College
Time - 7p
Cost - $10 for adults, $5 for kids.
This is a keeper. Expect an exciting preliminary game also.
Be there.