Hoyas in Pro City Kenner League - Day 6, Pt. 2

July 24, 2014 - In Part 1 of Hoyas in Pro City Kenner League - Day 6, we reviewed the play of eight players who competed. Six of those guys are G'Town student-athletes.
This, the second portion of the article checks out seven players, with four being non-Hoyas. Also included are the expected professional destinations of five performers. For complete Georgetown player write ups, see Premium Court. Also there is insider discussion of other ballers.
Paul White - 6'8", 210 pound freshman forward, Georgetown, Clydes - White continued to exhibit his steady pace, deft mid-range shooting and good overall passing vision. Can make plays for others.
More or less...
Isaac Copeland -6'8", 210 pound freshman forward, Georgetown, Tombs - Day 5 was an excellent game for Copeland, who followed that with a better overall one Sunday, as he shot, passed, posted and drove well. It was clear he was playing with confidence.
Scored 15 points...
Mike Beasley - 6'8", 220 forward, Tombs - An uber-talented player, Beasley scored 18 points almost without trying. Can drive, shoot and pass. Makes the game look easy.
Must continue to focus on basketball, thereby harnessing his prodigious talent.
Wayne Chism - 6'8", 215 pound forward, Tombs - A former Tennessee standout, Chism dropped 23 points, largely coming from inside the lane on drives and stick backs. Is an athletic, active performer.
Given he excels using his quickness, a stop and popper would help Chism tremendously.
L.J. Peak - 6'5", 200 pound guard/forward, Georgetown, Tombs - Peak simply put on a show, as he finished hard, shot from three, pulled up, passed and played the passing lanes. Was extremely confident. Also finished with his off hand.
In terms of development...
Patricio Garino - 6'7", 210 pound junior forward, GW, Oohs and Aaahs - Garino is an all-around performer that makes winning plays; his 12 points total is not indicative of Garino's impact. Can shoot, pass, defend, and increasingly finish, the last due to being injury free.
"I'm finally healthy" he said after Oohs and Aahs 89-80 win over Higher Level. "No (injured) finger. No knee", which was a meniscus concern.
A native of Argentina, Garino was believed to have played for his country's national team this summer. That didn't transpire, but he did get to return home for a week.
Argentina has a number of pros in the National Basketball Association, including Luis Scola, Carlos DePina and Manu Ginobli, all of which Garino is personally acquainted.
"I play with them" he recounted. "It's incredible...They are all so humble".
Tristan Spurlock - 6'6", 190 pound swingman, Oohs and Aahs - When players compete in the NBA Summer Leagues they exhibit a sense of confidence afterward. Spurlock was no different, having played for the Pistons in Orlando and scoring 22 points Sunday. Spurlock's handle and shot have gone to another level.
Must make the extra pass more, basically balance his scoring and passing.
Pro Destination Notes:
Mike Beasley - Was on the NBA's Miami Heat last season, yet is unsure where he will land for 2014-2015. Indicated he's evaluating options. One aspect important to him will be playing time, something that was spotty this past campaign.
Danny Agbelese - 6'8", 215 pound forward, Premier Athletics - A graduate of Hampton University, Agbelese played in Uruguay last season, including at Pysadnu and Unum Alecti. Is looking for options this season.
Can rebound, defend and score around the tin. Plays aggressively. Scored 20 points.
Wayne Chism - Finished this past season in the Philippines, where he played for Rain or Shine. Enjoyed the experience, and hopes to return to that country.
Tristan Spurlock - May join NBA camps with Detroit or Golden State. Europe is a definite option.
Lasan Kromah - Hopes to make a NBA Camp. If not, he indicated "I'll go overseas". Is the D - League in play? "Probably not" answered Kromah.