Hoyas in Pro City Kenner League Day 2

July 7, 2014 - With the second day of Nike Pro City Kenner League action in the books, we have more on Hoyas and others who participated. Below are excerpts. See Premium Court for full versions.
Jabril Trawick, 6'5", senior guard, Team Takeover - Might have had his best summer league day while on The Hilltop, as Trawick not only played with force, but at times deftly drove to the cup, finished with authority and of course played with passion.
Mikael Hopkins, 6'8", senior forward, Team Takeover - Hopkins was very active, running the floor and hustling. Scored in the paint, including via a pair of alley oop slams.

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Riyan Williams, 6'2, junior guard, Higher Level - His coach, Williams, didn't play Riyan much, but praised him none the less.
"It's just with us, it's our second game" said Higher Level's coach of Williams' scant utilization. "We're trying to get a feel to get a rotation".
Tre Campbell, 6'2" freshman guard, Clydes - After a subpar first game, Campbell bounced back with 13 strong points, tallied mostly by driving and getting to the line. More resembled the guy G'Town will count on a lot this season.
Paul White, 6'9" freshman forward, Clydes - Call him Mr. Smooth, a guy that once again excelled in the mid-range game. His step back jumper was a thing of beauty.
Trey Mourning, A. Wash - Showed good activity on both ends of the floor. Has a physicality to his game, similar to Alonzo Mourning, his father
D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, 6'3" junior guard, A. Wash - Is playing a more point guard role, finding teammates with frequency. Looks a little quicker, and seems to have lost a little more weight.
Bradley Hayes, 6'10" junior center, DCX - While scoring eight points, was mobile and attempted to defend the rim.
Aaron Bowen, 6'6" senior wing, DCX - His eight points were notched in the usual manner, using athletic ability to get by defenders and score. Bowen can run and jump with some of the best.
Reggie Cameron, 6'8" sophomore forward, Symonds - Didn't shoot as well as Saturday, but is still dead eye when given a chance to set his feet. Has a fairly quick release. Battled around the cup as well, including boxing out.
Extras (for still more, see i95Ballerz.com, where Deli Ojo, Chris Matthews, Rashad Whack, Kinu Rochford, Bryon Allen and Mo Creek are featured).
Brian Chase, 5'9" guard, A. Wash - A nine year professional, Chase was a floor leader at Virginia Tech, and is certainly one now. Think general when you mention Chase, for he runs the show wherever he is.
Can hit the open three ball and penetrate. Will mix it up with players large and small; Sunday a big tried to punish him on a screen, only to have Chase reciprocate. As he told the aggressive player much bigger than him, "Just like you can touch me, I can touch you".
Was at Vanoli Cremona in Italy last year and indicated "I'll probably be back in Italy" next season. Has been in Spain, Bosnia, Croatia and Russia previously.
A runner will make him even more formidable.
At 32, has endless energy. After his Pro City Kenner League game noted "If I had time to actually warm up, watch out", as he arrived near tip-off. Also takes care of his body - when not practicing or playing Chase is at home with his two kids.
Chris Braswell, 6'8" forward, Team Takeover - A back to the basket big with good passing skills, Braswell finished with 15 points, scored in the paint and via free throws.
Played for the Chiba Jets in Japan last year, loved the experience and plans on returning. Turkey was the professional stop before that.
Will Thomas, 6'8" forward, Higher Level - A crafty lefty post player, Thomas is not a high flyer yet nevertheless scores regularly around the tin. Will finish hard given a window.
Thomas needs to expand his shooting range.
Has a chance with the NBA's Detroit Pistons; he leaves today to practice with their Las Vegas Summer League entry.
Jarvis Threatt - 6'2" guard, DCX - Threatt, who recently left Delaware after a stellar junior campaign at Delaware, is now headed to the pros.
"I'm probably going overseas" said Threatt, who is "about to sign with an agent". In his estimation entering the professional ranks "is my best course of action", a move which "My family understands the reasons why".
Of Delaware, Threatt said "I loved it up there and I wish them well".
Despite struggling with some conditioning issues - Threatt displayed what he always does, which is to drive, finish and find. Can also knockdown open shots.
Always thin, Threatt has visibly gained weight (now Jarvis is 175 pounds) and strength. Uses his 6'5" wingspan to harass and get shots off.
Threatt needs to work on his stop and pop game, as despite his long arms, athletic ability and craftiness, finishing at the rim in pro ball is a different matter.