Hoya Commit in DMV this weekend

June 19, 2013 - Sports fans love to theorize over this player and that, what that individual will mean to a team, the competitor's pros and cons, etc. It's part of team sports. College hoops is obviously no difference.
This weekend the Hoya Nation has an opportunity to view Blue and Grey, Class of 2014 forward Isaac Copeland play. The site: Big Shots DC Duel with Team Takeover
According to Big Shots' website, Copeland's team, Garner Road Bulldogs (NC), laces them up against Basic First (VA) at 1:40p. Travel to The New 24 (6417 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD 20747) for this contest and other Garner Road matchups this weekend. has reported on Isaac Copeland extensively,including a recent compendium of sorts, Photos: Copeland at KD Skills Academy - a compendium of sorts, including exclusive photos.
From seeing him multiple high school and camp settings, Copeland has proven himself an athletic, smart player becoming increasingly comfortable and proficient in perimeter settings.
Whether you scout Copeland tomorrow or not, be sure to talk about him here.
He's the kind of player that could flourish on The Hilltop.
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