For Meeks, today is choice between two

November 16, 2012 - Today is the big day for Hoya recruitniks; Class of 2013 big man Kennedy Meeks will decided if Hoyadom is for him. Georgetown's sole competition in this two horse race is UNC.
Meeks has decided to announce his decision on a huge stage, doing son on ESPNU somewhere between seven and eight o'clock.
Meeks is a 6'9", 285 pound center/forward that can step out to the foul line and easily hit jumpers. Kennedy, aka 'Baby', also can pass from multiple spots on the court. Meeks' has a solid low post game, though it could be enhanced with better strength and explosion. has ranked the Charlotte, NC resident the fifth best pivot player in his class, while also affixing him four of five stars.
Discuss his choice, real time, on our Premium Court message board. will attempt to discern his decision, before it's actually announced.