Breaking News: Brown tenders resignation

October 11, 2013 - This evening Keith Brown resigned as head coach of the Georgetown women's team. Audio recordings, apparently secretly made, were presented to school administrators, and soon after Brown walked away.
The audio recordings were provided to WJLA TV 7, who made them available to school personnel. Stacy Kerr, Georgetown University Spokesperson had this to say regarding them: "That behavior does not meet expectations and standards for the university and its leaders. It's inconsistent with our values and has no place in our community".
Brown has not commented at this time. He had been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation for language and conduct concerns, as relayed earlier by and other media outlets.
The WJLA TV report cited an former, anonymous Georgetown player as saying Brown's treatment of players "was a type of abuse. Mental abuse". Jake Wall of the Positive Coaching Alliance dubbed the recordings "disappointing, to say the least".
Brown's supporters on the team are quite upset about his departure, per WJLA, which noted sentiment that "His style is motivating, and is the norm in Division 1 athletics". Other players coached by Brown have previously commented in his favor as well.
Assistant coach Tim Valentine, suspended with Brown, has been reinstated.
For more on this situation, including a transcript of the audio recordings, more from Wall, and what's sure to be lively discussion, see our Premium Court message board. Also there is scuttlebutt regarding at least one player believed to involved.