Blue and Grey in Pro City Kenner League action

July 2, 2014 - As hinted on Premium Court, there has been a change in this year's Georgetown freshman classes' Nike Pro City Kenner League team distribution - no longer will all the 'Puppies' be on Kenner's Tombs entry, as they are spread throughout the league now.
Following are the G'Town players', freshman and otherwise, distribution:
DCX - Bradley Hayes, junior center; Aaron Bowen, senior guard
A. Wash Associates - D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, junior guard; Trey Mourning, freshman forward
Symonds All-Stars - Reggie Cameron, sophomore forward; David Allen, junior guard
Team Takeover - Mikael Hopkins, senior forward; Jabril Trawick, senior guard
On Point - Riyan Williams, junior guard
Clyde's - Tre Campbell, freshman guard; Paul White, freshman forward
Tombs - L.J. Peak, freshman guard/forward; Isaac Copeland, freshman forward
The 2014 Nike Pro City Kenner League schedule is here. Competition begins this weekend. is the place for Kenner League coverage!
Immediately check Premium Court for more on the league, including scuttlebutt regarding a key player not listed above, Joshua Smith.