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Big showdown in Brew Town Pt. 2

March 3, 2012 - In Big showdown in Brew Town, Pt. 1, the scene was set for today's looming Georgetown at Marquette battle. Additionally, Blue and Grey guys Jason Clark, Henry Sims, Nate Lubick and Otto Porter shared their thoughts there, while Markel Starks did so on the Premium Court message board.
Part 2 continues the information flow; On the Premium Court message board, an exclusive session with Greg Whittington is posted. He touches upon his offensive game's development, Columbia, MD, basketball and his relationship with Notre Dame's Eric Atkins, a fellow Columbia native.
Below, head coach John Thompson III, Hollis Thompson and Starks expound upon a number of subjects. Their sessions are previewed and provided, below:
Hollis Thompson - Marquette challenges, his offensive inconsistiency, improved personal defense, previous Marquette game, Senior Day at Marquette, BIG EAST tourney seeding, Crowder, Whittington's offensive improvement, practice competion. (interview is here)
John Thompson III - difference between Marquette now and previous games, transition defense's importance, Cadougan's impact, Johnson-Odom's game, what Crowder supplies, Hollis Thompson's tourney seeding awareness as well as his own, the Hoyas' defensive execution and related tourney implications. (interview is here).
Markel Starks - the fight in China and ramifications for season, closeness with teammates, necessity of team effort, Sims' progression. (interview is here)