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All City Classics Sets NY vs Philly

Today, Philly's Neumann-Gorietti High School will host this year's All City Classics, a high school all star type confab in which talented high school boys from New York travel south to the City of Brotherly Love for action.

Doors open around 330p EST, with the first game, a Class of 2025 affair, tipping at 4p.

Below are rosters. Return for coverage, including that related to Georgetown recruiting prospects and more.

Philadelphia Teams

Class of 2025 (4p)

Shareef Jackson

Donovan Fromhartz

Milan Dean

Jake West

Devin Booker

Isaac Cole

Kai Shinholster

Deuce Maxey

Luke Bevilacqua

Jacob Nguyen

KJ Cochran

Class of 2024 (530p)

Ahmad Nowell

Robert Wright

Jalil Bethea

Thomas Sorber

Jeremiah White

Nelson Lamizana

Khaafiq Myers

Amir Williams

Deuce Ketner

Makye Taylor

Class of 2023 (7p)

Justin Edwards

Zion Stanford

Anthony Finkley

Rahmir Barno

Xzayvier Brown

Adam Clark

Shawn Simmons

Horace Simmons

Sutton Adewale

Shemar Wilbranks-Acquil

Thomas Sorber, G'Town recruiting love recipient, is set to play at 7p.
Thomas Sorber, G'Town recruiting love recipient, is set to play at 7p. (

New York Teams


Conner Spratley

Markel Alston

Kayden Mingo

Amari Evans

Preston Fowler

Tao Ibraham

Ishmael Ngarta

Badara Diakite


Tahaad Pettiford

Chris Judd

Adam Njie

Nasir Rodriguez

Elijah Moore

Jakeel Registe

Ian Jackson

Alha-san Jallow

Tarik Watson

Qing Fang Pang


Ty-laur Johnson

Eric Acker

Christian Jones

Armoni Zeigler

KJ Satterfield

Jason Steele

Jahmere Tripp

Seck Zongo

Akil Watson

Youssouf Singare