Green will not lace them up for the Cs this season

The article below is used, with permission, from For quotes from G'Town head coach John Thompson III regarding Green, after his team's game with American University Saturday, see our Premium Court message board.
Former Northwestern High School (MD) and Georgetown University standout Jeff Green has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm - a dilation of the heart's abdominal aorta, creating a ballooning out of the blood vessel's walls, precipitated by thinning. He's on track for surgery and the Cleveland Clinic on January, 9th, 2012.
Green, drafted initially by the National Basketball Association's Boston Celtics and immediately traded to the Seattle Supersonics in 2007 - which after a year became Oklahoma City's Thunder - was shipped back to the C's last February.
His condition was discovered during a physical by the Celtics, as Green recently signed a one year, nine million dollar contract. Unfortunately for Green, a North Brentwood, MD native, he will not earn that salary this year as the diagnosis voids his contract. Green's rights remain with Boston.
Fortunately for him, he's expected to fully return to action next season, and there is precedent for doing so; Etan Thomas, a nine year year forward had a similar situation, which was addressed through surgery in 2007. Thomas told in 2008 ""The hard part is over. The hard part was last year after the surgery [rehabilitating]. I had to start from scratch - I mean baby steps. ... I'd maybe walk from here to across the room twice, and that would be it for the day. I really wanted to come back [last season], but my body wasn't ready."
Fred Hoiberg, himself a recipient of a similar surgical action never did return to the hardwood, though he doesn't feel like Green will suffer the same fate, telling "He can definitely come back and play," but "a lot of complication" precluded it, including having a pacemaker inserted.
Green and the Celtics have refused comment to media sources, per the player's, but the 6'9", 25 year old forward did release the following, per Twitter: "Thank u everyone for ur thoughts and prayers", also noting "much appreciated love u all..and I'll be back soon stronger and better than ever I promise."